Jurica Turčinov

After working in Europe I returned to Adelaide to direct my energies towards establishing a consultancy service on how small businesses and professionals can apply and make use of digital media to promote and communicate their goods and services.

I offer services ranging from graphic design of marketing and promotional materials; the development and deployment of an internet presence using Joomla as the Content Management Software; and, designing marketing strategies using Social Media.


Once you engage me for your next graphic work, Social Media, or Internet Presence, you will find my service affordable and engaging.  I will work closely with you to fashion your site to your specifications and taste.
Call and get excited about the possiblities that the internet offers us all.


The great thing about my work is the commitment I take to ensure providing proper advice at the right time to you.  I will lead you through the stages in the development and deployment of your internet or social media presence.  I view all projects as passionately as if they were my own.


Want to expand your business onto the internet and not sure what it all means to your business?
The goal is to provide you, as the business owner or professional, a clear understanding of the trends current in Social Media and Internet commerce.  Using this knowledge, you can realise the proper Social Media or Internet Presence suitable for your business.

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